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  • Beyond Critical
    Beyond Critical
    by Keith Fuller

    My book on Leadership in Game Development is now available!

Leader of Developers
10 Keys to Game Production

Benefits I Bring to my Clients


  • Improved, reliable team performance
  • Increased employee retention
  • Morale issues resolved
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased trust in (and between!) employees



I can rattle off things like 15 years of industry experience, 12 years as a studio developer, certified Scrum master, and more than 60 studios in my address book as a consultant, because that's typically what service professionals put here. But I'd honestly rather talk to you about it and offer you free materials to start generating some trust with you.

Read on to see the specific services I offer...

Coaching for Producers and Leaders of All Disciplines

If you're in a production or leadership role of any kind I want to help you sharpen your management skills, relate to team members above and below you, and enhance your personal productivity with one-on-one coaching.

[Watch the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, explain why everyone needs a coach]

Here are just some of the reasons you might have for seeking a coach:

  • Recently created a startup and unsure on how to manage people and projects?
  • Wish you had a sounding board but your team or company is too small?
  • Want objective insight for handling thorny personnel issues?
  • Looking for tips on how to move from Associate Producer to Producer and beyond?
  • You're at the top and have difficulty getting objective reviews of your own performance. After all, who's going to review the boss?
  • Ask me how I can help!



    Leadership: To see your teams flourish you need quality leaders. Recent studies show that game companies across all sectors would most like to see their leadership improved. How much industry-specific mentoring has your leadership received?

    Project Management: Risk assessments during planning. Pipeline improvement during production. Preparation for multi-platform release. I want to bring all of this together to help your projects run more smoothly and increase your title's chances of success.

    Growth: How does your culture inform your hiring practices? Have you planned for reaching the limits of your current management structure? Does your team size allow you the agility to adapt to new platforms and new project types?


    I've had the pleasure of conducting workshops in locations such as Bungie and Toy Studio, teaching experienced team members and novice production personnel about:

    *Agile methods

    *Engineering practices

    *Studio growth

    *Leadership principles

    *Managing multiple teams

    I'm happy to bring similar workshops to your company, too. Contact me to find out more!

    Onsite/Offsite Project Management

    I'm available for contract onsite and offsite roles in many aspects of production. I want to keep my knowledge of tools and processes relevant; I make sure I'm involved in a hands-on way with projects throughout the year. If you need someone to oversee your distributed team or close the last few months onsite, I can help.


    I've been privileged to speak internationally at industry events such as LOGIN, MIGS, and the IGDA Leadership Forum, as well as in university and business settings. I enjoy getting in front of people to share about leadership issues, production practices, and my experiences as a developer and consultant. Contact me if you're interested in arranging a speaking event.