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Leader of Developers
10 Keys to Game Production


It was my great pleasure to visit Deep Silver Volition as they were getting ready to ship Saints Row 4. After spending some time with 15 of the studio's leaders I received the following comments:

With Clint Ourso, Studio Production Manager at Deep Silver Volition"Keith did a great job of listening and understanding the issues we were having, and would potentially encounter, during our planned changes within the studio. He was able to present a high-level roadmap and risk analysis which turned out to be very relevant for us and has helped us navigate an evolution of our culture. His focus on supporting employees and strong leadership is invaluable."

--Clint Ourso, Studio Production Manager

"I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Keith’s experiences as well as Keith’s philosophy on how employers need to re-think how they treat their employees.  He was warm and welcoming in conversation and legitimately wanted to assist our team."

--Kate Nelson, Associate Producer


Here's what the CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios, Dave Lang, had to say about my consulting visit with his company in Chicago:

Keith with Dave Lang, CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios

"At first I was skeptical that anyone could drop into our studio and quickly identify the issues that challenge us daily…but Keith did exactly that. After meeting with key members of the company, he measured our strengths and weaknesses against the vast array of other developers he’s worked with, and isolated a few key themes for us to focus on improving. While some of these issues were known, getting such a clear focus on what we should be fixing “today” gave us the shot in the arm we needed to address stuff that makes every employee more happy and productive."

--Dave Lang, CEO


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Leadership Coach

I had the pleasure of working with producer Jon Hansen at Zipline Games as he transitioned from publisher to developer. He said:

" Not only is Keith incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to game and leadership development, he is incredibly personable, easy to talk to, and has been a positive influence in my personal growth. I've had the pleasure and opportunity to work with and learn from Keith, and highly recommend his services. Not only has he been my mentor, I'd consider him a friend."


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Here's some of the feedback I've received from developers who have attended my workshops:

I had an absolutely blast yesterday! I came back to the office today and shared the knowledge I had gained, and everyone was pretty jealous not to have been there in person. I’m already looking at taking some of the skills and lessons I picked up yesterday and applying it to my current project. The next time you do another one of these in my area, I’m signing up instantly.

Please keep us in the loop as you plan other workshops -- I'm sure we'd have a few more members of our team go to the Chicago one, and I'd love to attend other ones in the futures.

Yes greatly enjoyed the presentation and discussions.  It's helped me get a better picture on our processes and organization and some ways to improve that.  I already presented a number of small but significant changes I want to make to our team today.


Over the course of my career I've taken part in shipping more than a dozen AAA products, working alongside talented developers from organizations such as Treyarch, id, Raven Software, and Vicarious Visions.

Keith's management of the design team and scheduling for multiple departments was a critical component in getting Marvel Ultimate Alliance developed to high quality in 12 months.Dan Vondrak, Project Lead, Raven Software

Keith was invaluable in getting both Wolverine and Singularity out the door by organizing memory management on 360 and PS3 for art, audio, animation, and managing level design. His cross-discipline communication got departments on the same page.Jeff Poffenbarger, Executive Producer - Toys for Bob, Activision

Joining the Wolverine team shortly before Alpha, Keith got our struggling design department organized and on schedule within a few weeks. Due in no small part to his efforts, the project had seven skus pass certification on all platforms on the first attempt. Gil Gribb, Technology Director, Raven Software

Possibly the most important aspect of project management is maintenance of where the foot hits the pavement and Keith stands out as a vastly superior individual in performing such a role. He is exceptionally pro-active in keeping up with clear goals and timely milestones for those he is responsible for. He has an uncanny ability to make people feel non-threatened when requesting status updates or when pushing them for results. His combination of exceptional responsibility and friendly communication skills make him an invaluable asset to any management team. It would be a pleasure to work with him again in the future.Dan Edwards, Lead Programmer, Raven Software

My experience with Keith on both Wolverine and Singularity is directly responsible for a great deal of what I've learned about production. Keith's relentlessly positive attitude and amiable charm makes him a standout leader who you cannot help but try to impress, as he will eagerly celebrate and encourage success. Keith is everything a producer should be and more; an inspirational, ethical, and unmistakably enthusiastic pacesetter that will do whatever it takes to get you the help and guidance necessary to do your best work. Any organization would be better off instantly with Keith's inclusion, and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him again.Andy Dohr, Production Coordinator, Infinity Ward

I worked with Keith for ten years and enjoyed every minute of it. He's the kind of leader that will show you what needs to get done and crack you up at the same time. Before he became my manager and eventually producer, he was in the trenches with us, so he knows what we're up against when he tells us what needs to be done. Great, great fun to work with.Stu Wiegert, Level Designer, Raven Software