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  • Beyond Critical
    Beyond Critical
    by Keith Fuller

    My book on Leadership in Game Development is now available!

Leader of Developers
10 Keys to Game Production

I'm Keith Fuller...

  • A consultant specializing in video game production
  • A games industry veteran with 13 years of development experience
  • A Project Management Professional (PMP), meaning I'm certified by the Project Management Institute as a globally recognized expert in the field of project management

...and I find it fulfilling to help talented developers create fun titles on time, without overtime.

As a consultant I've worked with one-man companies and teams larger than 100, adding value to organizations in the Casual, Social, Mobile, and MMO sectors.

In more than a decade of AAA production I've been a front line programmer, a level design manager, a project lead, and the sole producer for teams ranging in size from 7 to 70.

In developing titles for PC, 360, PS3, and Wii I've become familiar with console certification processes as well as many of the most popular tools and middleware solutions used throughout the industry.

I've implemented Scrum, tailored Agile approaches to different teams, helped establish rock-solid build delivery infrastructures, and instituted critical QA practices.