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    Beyond Critical
    by Keith Fuller

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Leader of Developers
10 Keys to Game Production

The button has to say "About" so you know what to click on, but more important is "Why". Here's why I do what I do:


I started my career as a game programmer, eventually becoming a design manager and then producer. After more than a decade as a studio developer, I found myself at the office around midnight during a period of mandatory overtime. It occurred to me to look up at one point and I realized the designer to my left was at work (again, at midnight) rather than at home with his fiancee planning their wedding which was just two weeks away. To my right was an artist whose baby girl was one week old. Was he at home with her and his wife? No, he was at work. At midnight.

That was the moment I realized games shouldn't be made this way, and it sent me down the path of doing something about it.

Now I'm a consultant who seeks to improve how game companies operate so that employees can be fulfilled at work and still have lives with friends and family.

As a developer at a AAA studio for 11 years I saw more than enough bad examples of leadership. Now I coach and train executives and first-time leaders to be good examples.